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Rules and informations

Post by milchreis on Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:20 am

These rules are kept simple and easy.
This league is private oraganized but everybody can join.
To guarantee a good connection, only people from western/middle europe can participate in the moment. Please respect that.   Smile

Game: Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

Enter the league
Contact your opponents
Play the match
Confirm the result
Have fun  Smile

Entering the league
For participating in the FSL, you have to register to that forum. Please use your Kopanito (Steam) name as your nickname (or something similiar) for the forum.
Then you can click on the thread "Register to FSL" and just make a post with your Steam ID there, so people can find you ingame. Please add your place of residence too. You will be included in the next saison.

The number of participants is depending of how many players joined for the next season. The minimum number is 5.
The league system is round roubin, so everyone plays against everyone two times.
For every match, you have minimum 1 day to play against your opponent. But you can choose, how many matches you play in which time. So you can play 5 or 10 matches a day if you want.

If there are 10 participants in the league, everybody has 18 matches, so you have minumum 18 days to complete all matches. In that example, it would be 21 days then.

All participants are responsible for contacting their opponents on their own. For that, you can use the matchmaking thread or just write a PM.
If your opponent doesnt answer you before the time deadline, just write it to the "problem" thread. Participants, who doesnt respond, will get a 0-3 lose for that match.
If a match is not played and no one answers, the result will be a 0:0 with 0 points.

How to set a match
If you have contacted your opponent, you have to add her/him to your steam friendlist. Then go into the game -> Play Online -> Create Party and invite your opponent to the party.

Be sure that you have set these settings:
Teams Random (if you want, the host can ask the opponent, which team he/she wants to use)
Ball Random
Stadium Random
Versus Mode
Beginner AI difficulty
6 min matchlength
Draw allowed

Possible Lags/Connection Problems/Disconnects
To keep chances for everybody equal, everyone hosts the game one time each duel.
If your opponent disconnects before the game has ended, please make a screenshot. Then try to contact her/him again. If your opponent doesn't respond, you will get a 3-0 win.
If both players are okay with it, you can start the match at the beginning.

Confirming a result
For confirming a result, you have to take a screenshot of the result screen ingame. Then you can go to the "confirming a result" thread and upload the screenshot in a new post. Usually the winner has to do it. If it's a draw, better both do it, so there will be no complications.

For a win, you get 3 points.
A draw gives you 1 point and a lost match gives you nothing, sorry Smile

League standings and result updates
Usually all new data in the forum will be updated once a day between 7pm and 9pm UTC+1 by the admin(west european time).

If you try to cheat or offend people, game points in a variable value will be removed and you get a warning. If you do it again, you cant stay in our league anymore.
Timeplay (keeping the ball too long with the goalkeeper or shooting the ball always out of the field) isnt allowed! Everbody wants to have fun, so please play fair! Exclamation

You want to suggest rule changes or something other? Just write it in the Other/Suggestions Topic.

Thank you for reading and have fun!  Very Happy

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